Setting Up Home Assistant


  • Type: Personal
  • Technologies: Raspberry Pi 3, Raspbian, Bash, OpenSSH, Python
  • Length: 1 year (On Going)

I use the open source Home Assistant project to unify and automate all of my smart devices. It is an automation platform built in Python and runs on top of a Raspberry Pi. Note that I am not the creator of this project, but an avid user.

I decided to add this project to my home because I have many smart devices: 2 Google Homes, a Smart TV, 13 Ikea smart lights, and a Wemo smart switch. Without Home Assistant, I’d have to use 4 different apps to control all of the platforms. With Home Assistant, I can use one web based interface to control and automate all my various smart devices. Not only does Home Assistant unify everything, but it also provides powerful scripting and automation capabilities not available in each platform’s respective app.

I’ve been using Home Assistant for almost two years before writing this post (2020-05-07). Therefore, this post will most likely be the first in a series of posts of how my use of Home Assistant has changed over time. At the moment, I primarily use it to automate my smart lights' brightness and color.

More Details

Coming soon…

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