Keeping AMIs Updated


  • Type: Professional
  • Company: Automated Insights - a StatsPerform Company
  • Technologies: Ubuntu, Packer, Ansible, AWS
  • Length: 1 month

We used customized Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) for our Elastic Container Service (ECS) Instances and our On-Demand Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Jenkins agents. As part of keeping our infrastructure up to date, I noticed that we were using AMIs based on Amazon Linux 1, and had packages that were out of date. Using older versions of software presents a security risk and so I updated our existing Packer scripts to use a specific Amazon Linux 2 AMI and installed the latest packages available. To make sure my new AMI didn’t break any existing functionality, I slowly rolled out the new AMI through each of our development environments using Terraform.

More Details

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